Bedtime Stories for Unexpected Guests

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Let’s face it – sometimes, you need someone in your corner. When you do, we’ll be there


"From cash to documents, and medications to firearms.  This is the best thing I've found to keep strangers away from touching the things they shouldn't be."

Protect yourself, loved ones, and MOST importantly your RIGHTS with a 2Tactic Gun Book Safe

Hands-On - Front

Strong; Built to protect and last

Safe Box is full steel construction, covered with a real paper book cover

Powder-coated premium finish; durable and does not chip or rust

Fits most Standard size pistols

For example; all standard Glock, Sig, S&W, Beretta, Kimber, Colt, etc will fit!

Dimensions inside of vault are 9x5.7x1.9" Inches

Hides in plain sight. Can be used on a bookshelf, in an office, on a coffee table, etc

Looks like a real book, even has pages texture

A lock that doesn't suck; mechanics are made out of steel

Combination lock provides secure yet quick access, no fumbling looking for keys

YOU set your own combination and can change the combination at any time

Allows for concealment of protection or valuables, in the last place someone would look

Testimonials Below:

"I wouldn't hesitate to always be prepared. The events that have occurred this year have shown us just how easily life can change in an instant. I keep this bad boy in my office at work. What I keep inside it is none of your business. Great safe and an even better company."


"Your customer assistance is fabulous, the product is amazing.  Best purchase I have ever made, I am so pleased with this safe. Communication, delivery, emails, you guys do an outstanding job; thank you so much."


"I use this safe at home to keep my extra medications in.  I get 3 months at a time from my pharmacy and have had the whole lot stolen out of my house before.  I am not sure who did it.  Now I have an inexpensive place to keep my meds safe."


Our Gun Book Safes are popular...

The results from our Gun Book Safes were so impactful that we sold out the first run within 11 days

Our second run sold out in 8 days

And every time we'd get more in stock we run out of stock almost immediately

Several Customers are purchasing 2-3 at a time!

Even now... we are watching our inventory like a hawk

It really doesn't take much to send us into a backorder.  Believe it when we say the last thing we want to do is turn folks away like we have had done in the past

Grab Your Copy Today

This 'Book' is Exclusively sold here, ONLY on this page.  It was made for us, by us.  You won't find it anywhere else.  Makes an AWESOME gift!  Scroll up and Buy One (or Add To Cart Below), today before we run out again... For real.  These are badass.